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Wedding dress wear for a royal look that you must check out

Who said that when it comes to the wedding attire the brides get all the publicity, the groom should also get his time. He’s definitely got to look his best as the true man of the day. While a classic black tuxedo or suit is never going to go out of style, most grooms are beginning to think out of the box to incorporate new menswear trends. Here are some of the latest themes on the most dashing grooms we’ve spotted:

Unexpected Jacket Colors 

There’s a slew of different colors and textures for the most trendy grooms for those who want to break the monotony of the traditional black, gray or navy suit. During winter, look for seasonal hues such as burgundy or hunter green and summer lighter shades. Experiment to stand out with different materials such as silk, brocade or linen.

Go Monotone with Accessories to Add a Pop of Color

Recall what was sported on his marriage by Virat Kohli? With a traditional monotonous feel, you can never go wrong. This may be too easy to think, as it consists of a single color from top to bottom. But, hey, adding jewelry to your safas or turban and wearing royal necklaces could be the best.

Same Color, Different Hues

With our royal sherwanis we can never get bored. Touch your ethnic origins when selecting your marriage sherwanis. The best thing about this attire is being able to match it and coordinate with the wedding outfit of the bride. One of the most noticeable patterns this wedding season is to choose the same dress color for both the groom and the bride, but get specific saturation levels. For instance, a pastel orange groom and a dark orange bride.

Embellished Dupattas for Grooms

Not only the brides want beautifully embellished dresses. Let’s also owe our grooms a chance to flaunt. The groom is not afraid to experiment these days, and this one new trend of embellished dupattas is really catching up. Choose to go with your sherwani for elegantly embellished stoles.

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Unique Safas

The days are gone when grooms used to literally pick flat safas or turbans as part of their wedding attire. Bold, embellished colors are the way to go. We see a number of grooms preferring unusual wedding safas shades that are in complete contrast with their attire.

Jacket Style Sherwani

With an embellished top, accentuate your simple painted Kurta. For their marriage, grooms who like to stick to wearing jackets or blazers will like this style. It is a perfect combination of Western and Indian components, that looks super stylish

Bold Ties

You may want to consider adding a color pop to your ties if you prefer to stick to the good old black suits or classic tuxedos. Forego simple ties and wear a stylish tie that will make you look different from each other.

Ombre Sherwanis and Kurta

The pattern in the shadow isn’t just about the brides. While a bright hue slowly transitions into a dark shade, grooms are found with ombre color palettes. The shades of the paint will make you look elegant and you can also render accessories, minimalist.

Stray away from the typical wedding dress shades and styles. Beset to look stunning at every event of your wedding with cool new hues and designs to rock. The developments above should give you an idea and a head start to try something new.

The list of Wedding dress never ends up, cause of changing in traditional fashion

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