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Volvo XC 90: Features and Price

Volvo XC 90: Know everything about this car including Features and Price

Volvo XC 90: Features and Price

Volvo XC 90 Introduction:

Volvo XC 90 is itself a very luxury brand and Volvo XC 19 is a luxury SUV which is popular throughout the world. It has 1969 cc engine and the automatic transmission which will make it move smoothly in the road and also the cruising will be much more comfortable than any other car.

It has the choice of both petrol and diesel engine and you can opt for anyone according to your preferences and convenience. The car is available with 4 and 7 seater facility and also it is kind of at a reasonable rate according to the luxury provided by it.
Currently, it is available in a different range of prices in India according to the luxury level of it. The one with the diesel engine with automatic transmission has the price of around 80 to 88 lacs. And the one with the petrol engine is available in the range of 1.3 crores to 1.5 crores.
So it can be said that Volvo xc90 is a car with ultimate luxury and also it has a different level of attitude in the automobile market these days.

Know more about the inside features and specifications of Volvo XC 90:

Volvo xc90 is another name of strength and it is considered to be one of the most luxurious SUV in the world. The most expensive version with inscription is available at a very reasonable rate right now. Now the question is what is inside it? You will feel that you are in a very sophisticated and spacious car if you drive Volvo xc90. It is totally technically driven and completely uncluttered and all the features are vivid.
The number of buttons on the dashboard is very low which is only eight buttons which can drive the whole car in a very efficient way. The whole look inside this car is classy and that is why it is considered to be one of the most classy car interiors among all the luxury SUV of Volvo. The seeds are made of Nappa leather which is comfortable for the people for a long journey.
Also, it has the feature of controlling the climate and the seeds are ventilated enough to make people comfortable above it. The touchpad is very sensitive in the dashboard of Volvo xc90 and that is why whenever you need anything to modify including the music or AC you can do it with a slight touch of your finger. 

Features and Specifications of Volvo XC 90:

All the features and specifications of Volvo xc90 are very unique and that is why this car is gaining popularity day by day. The proportion of this car is correct because all the things are at its place and the whole aura of this car is very unique among all other luxury SUVs.
It has the function which can give you the readout of the navigation system and that is a very unique Technology all together. It has nice high-end speakers and also a lot of safety kids which made it the safest car of 2015. Volvo steel makes all of its cars with boron steel where other companies have substituted boron steel with aluminium.
Because boron steel is a very study in nature but a bit heavy. But in case of Volvo prefer quality over the weight for their luxury cars. That is why in spite of being a very effective SUV Volvo xc90 weighs around 2.1 tons which is a bit too much for the new generation SUV cars.

Comfort while driving of Volvo XC 90:

We always want something comfortable to do and so is the car. Whenever we get to drive a car we long for comfort in it. And Volvo xc90 is exactly that kind of a car. This car is very good for a long-distance tour because of the necessary driving features of it including the brakes and the steering.
The electrically powered steering can give you a good feeling about the car because of its mood running experience. The throttle response of the car is very good and referring this car for their long journeys. There are four driving modes of this car which are eco, comfort, off-road and custom.
In the eco mode, the whole driving experience will be eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. The comfort mode will give the driver a very comfortable riding experience by lightening the steering feature. In off-road mode, you can drive this car in a rough area by increasing the ride height a bit.
And last but not the least in the custom mode you can modify the different specifications and come up with your idea of driving according to your need.


Volvo XC 90 has some awesome features but sometimes it loses the competition with other luxury vehicles because of the engine features of it. It has a two-litre engine where other cars have 3 litres engine mostly and that is why they can generate much more torque than Volvo xc90. But the people who love Volvo because of its study nature and the rigid working they will love it anyway.
The 8-speed transmission is very effective if you travel in different types of places irrespective of the nature of the road. So it is a car which can be compared with all the luxury SUV out there and it can be considered as the luxurious SUV at a very reasonable rate.
Volvo xc90 is also available indifferent colours which are magic blue, crystal white pearl, onyx black and luminous and metal. And you can always opt for this car if you want something luxurious for your family at a very reasonable rate because it can have a top speed of 230 km per hour which is e useful if you have a car for your long journey and also you want some adventure in your driving experience.

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