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The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: If you are thinking that Twitter and Facebook is the only tool of social media marketing then you are wrong. Because you may not be aware that you have a new friend too that is none other than the Pinterest.

You will be amazed to know that Pinterest is almost a hundred times more spreadable than a tweet, and even the retweet average hitting is only about 1.4 percent. When you talk about Facebook, let me inform you that around half-life of a Pinterest is almost 16000x longer compared to the Facebook post.

Due to the recent purchase by Facebook of Instagram, Pinterest has become a hot ticket for business marketing.

The Pinterest for business, is completely different from the personal account. Mentioned below are some of the added perks, they are:

Educational Marketing materials

You will be delighted to know that Pinterest not only just gives you the platform but on the other hand they are also creating educational marketing material. This will help the individual to know how they could maximize the effectiveness of Pinterest Marketing guide for your business.

You must be excited to know what they are really doing. Let me inform you that they are performing webinars and resources for small businesses. Simultaneously, they are also organizing an interactive workshop in order to connect with the pinners. This, in turn, will help them to get a bigger return from Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has come up with a brand new feature for the business account that is known as Pinterest Analytics. As soon as you verify your account, you will get to find that you have got access to some of the most important tracking information. Here, you will be able to see different strategies and the content work which will help you to improve your marketing.

Rich Pins

In all, there are five different types of the Rich Pins that are all loaded with some extra information than the average pins for serious sales power.

These include the real-time price, direct link to your site, the stock update and also the interactive map locations. You will be amazed to know that there will be more details available on the Rich Pin strategy later.

The promise of new tools 

Pinterest has promised that they will be providing some new tool in the coming years for the business accounts. As of now, it includes the Promoted Pins, the Pin It Button and also the Widget Builder.
You don’t have to worry about the new tools that are being added by Pinterest as you will be kept informed just by joining the newsletter on Pinterest.

Different settings

In the Pinterest account, you can use your business name only instead of using the typical structure of the First name followed by the last name. In other words, it can be said that you won’t be linked directly to your Facebook account.

Thus, if you want to have the Facebook link on Pinterest then you will have to add a Facebook tab on the home page of Pinterest.

Different ways to build a relationship and add some new followers

Now as you have the idea about the various pins that are popular and the way by which you can get your pins seen.

The next thing that you need to do in Pinterest marketing is to make use of your pins in order to build a relationship with the influencers along with the followers. As we all have an idea that the number of reaches is directly related to success.

If you have knowledge about the stuff that the viewers are interested to look, then you can provide them what they want, which will help you to increase your following. Keep in mind that a little mind-reading does not hurt anyone.

Engage with the followers

The way that you respond to the tweets, Facebook posts and the Instagram comments, in a similar fashion you must also engage your followers just by answering their question and responding to the comments. It will be better if you can address them directly this will help to take your service a step ahead.

Find friends from the other social media platforms

You must have observed that whenever you create a new account with either of the social media platforms that is the Facebook, Instagram or any other. There you will find an option which is nothing other than the “Find Friends”. This option will help you to find friends using your contacts available on your phone and the Facebook friend.

Well, you will be delighted to know that even social media marketing Pinteresthas facilitated with the same feature. This will help you by preventing your solid foundation of followers getting destroyed.

Ways to promote your business successfully using Pinterest strategies

Integrate Rich Pins

You must be having a brief idea that the rich pins come in 5 different flavors that is movie, recipe, products, article and the places. All these are fully loaded with their own set of valuable features that will help to direct traffic to your site.

Mix up your content

The main rule for all sorts of social media is to mix up your content. Keep in mind that your followers will slip down drastically if the content that you are providing is static and not diverse.

You might think that how to use Pinterest to sell products, so let me tell you that don’t just post the photo of the product, it will be better if you could write some line related to it.

Once you follow the Pinterest marketing services then you can be assured that your business is going to flourish a lot.

If you just follow the strategy and learn from the engagement that you get then, Pinterest will help you to develop your business more and it will also attract the number of audience to your site.

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