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Paush Purnima lunar eclipse on January 10 effects in Zodiac

Paush Purnima lunar eclipse on January 10: There will be a big impact on every zodiac sign –

The first lunar eclipse of this year appears on 10 January. This day is Paush Purnima. Magh Mela is also beginning in Prayagraj from 10 January. The fair starts from Paush Purnima on 10 January and will run till Maha Shivaratri on 21 February. If a bath is taken in a lake during a lunar eclipse, then all sins are washed away. Things like wheat, rice, and jaggery should also be donated. It brings happiness.

Due to the eclipse, a bath that takes place on the full moon day of Paush will take place only after the eclipse. The eclipse of the lunar eclipse starts 12 hours early in the morning. During this time, the roof of the temples will be closed. This lunar eclipse will begin at 10:37 pm on January 10 and it will last till 02:42. That is, this first eclipse will last for four hours and 5 minutes. There will be a total of 5 eclipses this year. There are two solar eclipses and three lunar eclipses. Let’s know the effect on zodiac signs…

1. Aries Zodiac – This eclipse will be beneficial for the people of Aries. This might will increase. However, any member in the family may suffer. You can go on a trip. You will get the benefit of this journey.

2. Taurus Zodiac –  There may be a loss of money for the people of Taurus zodiac. At this time, you should control your speech, otherwise, there may be a fight in your family or outside. Be careful about the relationship with your in-laws, you may have a dispute there too.

3. Gemini Zodiac – The most impact of lunar eclipse will be on Gemini. This effect will not be very good. You may have to go through mental illnesses. The health of anyone in the family can also be poor. You can also have a quarrel with family. People of this zodiac may also have quarrels with their spouses.

4. Cancer Zodiac –  The lunar eclipse will be effective for Cancerians. The reason for this is that the Moon is the owner of the Cancer zodiac. The eclipse is going to be in your twelfth house. This can increase your expenses. You may have to go on a journey without any reason. This will annoy you.

5. Leo Zodiac – This eclipse is going to be in the eleventh house of Leo, it can give you unexpected gains. Maybe your income will increase. There are chances of getting wealth. One can also get a gift from someone in the family. Time is not good for love affairs. Your boyfriend may get into a fight, so be careful.

6. Virgo Zodiac – The effect of the eclipse will be mixed for Virgo. There will be harmony with the officials in the office but the family coordination may deteriorate. Pay special attention to health, health can be bad right now. Honor will remain, keep the voice over.

7. Libra Zodiac – For Libra people, this eclipse is felt in the ninth house. Because of this, your work may get spoiled. Power will be normal. Avoid debates about waste in the family. You may have differences with people.

8. Scorpio Zodiac –  For Scorpio people, this eclipse is going to be in the eighth house. Due to this, a bad accident is being formed. In such a situation, people of this zodiac should be cautious. You can also suffer the loss of money due to lunar eclipse. Be cautious in this situation. Pay special attention to the family.

9. Sagittarius Zodiac – People of Sagittarius need to take care in their family life. Relationships will be affected due to eclipse. If you are a businessman, you may also have a dispute with your business partner.

10. Capricon Zodiac- Eclipse will give good results for Capricorn. You will get rid of your enemies. Your opponents will be defeated. No external force will harm you, but you have to focus on health. Be alert about diseases caused by water.

11. Aquarius zodiac –The lunar eclipse is auspicious for the people of Aquarius. If your child is studying then he will get success in studies. Time will also be good for love affairs. Shining success can be found.

12. Pisces Zodiac – This eclipse is going to be in the fourth house for the people of Pisces. This will give mixed results. On the one hand, your health will be messed up, on the other hand, you will get success in the transaction or transaction. Take care while selling land or building.

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