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How to Activate Do Not Disturb in Vodafone

Do Not Disturb in Vodafone

How to Activate Do Not Disturb in Vodafone

Do Not Disturb in Vodafone: Indian telecom companies have so many subscribers who use their services for calling and messaging. But sometimes the subscribers get irritated by the unwanted calls from telemarketing companies.

They call these customers off of service providers of mobile services to sell their products or services to them. And that it turns out to be very annoying sometimes. They also, flood their inboxes by their promotional messages and that is very irritating for normal customers like us.
So the telecom regulatory authority of India or TRAI has come up with an innovative way to stop these telemarketing companies to call or message us without any reason. And that innovative idea is to start do not disturb for DND service. In this service, you can register your number in their registry to make sure that you don’t receive any call from any Telemarketing companies.
And this way you can avoid their nagging of buying their products and services. If your number is there in the DND registry of Indian service providers then the telemarketing companies have to ask for the permission to call you or send you messages regarding their promotional campaigns.

What is Do Not Disturb in Vodafone?

DND or do not disturb service is the way how you can avoid unwanted calls and messages from telemarketing companies. Generally, normal service providers like Vodafone provides the do not disturb for DND registry where you can register your number to avail the DND service.
they will include your number in national do not call registry within the 45 days of your application and after that, your number will be there in their directory where all the numbers who don’t want to receive the calls or messages from unwanted Telemarketing products and services are there.
And whenever a telemarketer will try to contact these numbers they will be charged a large amount of fine then and there. So at first, they have to check with the numbers they are targeting to pitch their products and services whether those numbers are included in national do not call registry or not. And then only they can call you or message you for their promotional purpose.
But if your number is included in DND registry they cannot call or message you in any way possible. It is a very unique way to stop these companies to promote their products by annoying the people out there.

How to Register for Do Not Disturb in Vodafone?

There are certain definite ways for every service providers to avail the DND service to stop the unwanted communications from the telemarketing companies regarding their products and services promotion.
DND is called as NCPR. At first, you have to SMS START 0 to the number 1909 or you can also call this number and follow the guidance of IVR to complete your registration process. Then you have to choose only one option regarding your DND service which is fully blocked and partially blocked.
In partially blocked also you can choose only a single preference and multiple preferences. When you don’t want any of the commercial advertisements to you to come in your notice through your mobile phone then you can choose the fully blocked option in DND service.
But when you want some sectors to notify you about their services like banks, health, education, real estate etc. Then you have to choose the partially blocked option. Even in this option, you can choose a single preference by sending SMS START X 21909 or you can also call this number to follow the necessary steps to do it.
And if you want multiple preferences then also you can send this SMS by adding more X by a simple comma. In this way, you can start your DND service and also if you want to change your preferences later you can follow the same steps there also.

How to deregister from Do Not Disturb in Vodafone?

Sometimes DND service stops so many important calls and messages by assuming that those are from telemarketing companies. And at that time you need to deactivate the whole thing at once so that you can receive your important calls and messages from that number.
To de-register DND service from Vodafone mobile you have to send SMS STOP to the number 1909 or you can also call this number to make the necessary changes. Generally, de deactivates you do not disturb within 7 days of your application.
And they will let you apply this only after 3 months or approximately 90 days after you avail the service. So if you want to deactivate this service to receive important phone calls or messages then and you can follow these deregistering steps to complete the procedure.


So these were the procedure by which you can register or deregister your number from the DND service from any service provider in India including Vodafone.
Do not disturb DND service is mostly used to stop the unwanted telemarketing calls and messages which irritates people sometimes because they start selling their product without knowing the context of the call. And by putting DND on do not disturb you can avoid these calls or messages very quickly.
But there is a point when we realize that some numbers which are assumed to be from telemarketing service are not from there and then you can also choose to deregister your number from the DND registry of any service provider.
At first, they will receive your application regarding the deregistering process and then they will forward it to the national do not call registry to remove your number from their directory. Then only you will get to deregister your number from the necessary DND services.

So if you want to get rid of unwanted indiscreet phone calls regarding different useless products and services then you can opt for this DND or do not disturb service from Vodafone. Because it will give you mental peace if you can manage to stop receiving unnecessary phone calls and messages in your daily busy schedule.

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