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17 Best Blog Management Tools for Make Your Blog Better

17 Best Blog Management Tools for Make Your Blog Batter

17 Best Blog Management Tools for Make Your Blog Better

17 Best Blog Management Tools for Make Your Blog Better: If you are a beginner and want to drive traffic in order to monetize your blog then you must look down where you will list of software for the best blogging tool.

The free blog tools that are listed below are not only the best blogging tool but they are also a secret behind a successful blogger. The blogging tools are further classified into various categories they are:

    Blog Hosting
    Blog Traffic
    Blog Writing
    Blog Monetization

One of the best ways that will help you to grow your business is by blogging. But the main demerit of blogging is that managing becomes a little difficult. Maintaining a job is somewhat like a full-time job because you need to set up, design and create your unique content one after the other.

Listed below are some of the blogger tools that every blogger needsfor their business.

1.    750Words

It is one of the best tools for beginners because it’s more than a tool. Here you will find a community that will motivate you to write at least 3 pages in a day. And will award points based on your write up, this will help you to improve your writing skill.

2.    Bookly

If you want to attract real customers and want to boost your sales then bookly is the best one for you. This tool will also deliver you a number of functionality and flexibility.

3.    Brand24

This is the most essential tools for the bloggerthat will help you know what people are really talking about your company. With the use of this tool, you can easily track mentions through the top keywords.

4.    BuzzSumo

We all know that the key factor behind a successful blog is good content. And with the help of the BuzzSumo, you can easily find one of the best content in your industry.

5.    Carbonite

It is the most effective weapon that is available for the small business, it will help to keep other malware away from your sites. It offers extra protection for your important data.

6.    ConvertKit

For a blogger, the biggest opportunity is to build your email list. If you have not done yet, then also you don’t have to worry much because ConvertKit will help you get that easily. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple form that needs to be added to your blog or a detailed one, this tool will meet your entire requirement.

7.    Co-Schedule

Co-Schedule is the best productivity tools for blogger type of tool for easy drag as well as drop content marketing calendar and will also help you to create, plan and promote your content. It is one of the key factors to stay organized and be on schedule.

8.    Evernote

It is one of the good powerful blogging as well as the productivity tool. With the use of this tool, you can manage stuff from the web page to the texts and images. Other than all this you can also use it as the reminder system for the guest blog post.

9.    FocusMe

It has been noticed that there are a number of distraction around us that kills our productivity. Thus FocusMe is a tool that helps to deal with the problem just by keeping you focused on the things that need to be done.

10.    Google Analytics

One of the best ways by which you can grow your business is equipped with data. You can monitor the health of your own blog with Google analytics. Track down your campaigns set your own goals and stay on top of the most popular contents.

11.    Hostgator 

No sooner you start a blog, the very first thing that you need to do is select a reliable host. The best thing about the Hostgator is that they are reliable affordable and also easy to use. If you find that you are challenged technically then this tool is a great option for you.

12.    OptimizePress 

This tool is nothing but a blogging tools WordPress Plugin which supports you in creating a high converting landing page and also the membership portal. Other than this you can also add more than 40 custom elements to your blog.

13.    Post Planner 

We all know that once our blog is ready then the next thing that we need to carry out is to share and promote it on the social media platform. With the assistance of the post planner tool, you will be able to share your content consistently. The main advantage of this tool is that your content will be scheduled to post on Facebook or Twitter at the best ideal time.

14.    Social Fave

One of the big portions of the blog growth is nothing but capturing the right audience. And now with the support of the Social Fave tool, you can research keywords and also find the relevant keywords that your audiences are using. All that you need to do is build a targeted audience with the help of the listening tool.

15.    Social Quant 

This tool is marked as the best friend of a blogger. Many times it has been noticed that you want to create an active and engaged Twitter audience than for that the use of the Social Quant will be proved very much beneficial to find and follow effortlessly.

16.    Triberr

Before you publish your blog post there is one thing that you cannot afford to miss. That is after your post goes live the only thing that needs to be done is getting it promoted. You will be shocked to know that getting it promoted takes more time than writing an actual post.

17.    UberSuggest

If you are a blogger then you will surely know the importance of the keyword. But then a doubt that might strike your mind is that which one will be the best for your blog. Then for this, you can opt for the UberSuggest, as this tool will offer you suggestion in order to help you brainstorm and research keywords.  

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