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13 Totally Free Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic

13 ways to grow your blog traffic

13 Totally Free Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic

13 Totally Free Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic: You must be thinking that although you have started your own blog and spent months over it in selecting the right layout, fonts as well as the color, but then also why the audiences are not reading.

The main reason behind it is that cultivating a blog readership is a daunting a task, especially in the place which is very much crowded that, is the web. Mentioned below are some basic tips that will help you to increase traffic to your website.

1.    Begins with good writing 

The golden rule for any website is that the writing must be compelling as well as clear. One thing you must keep in your mind that you can utilize a maximum number of blog promotion tricks but if the content that you have written is not well written and interesting then you will never generate any sort of traffic to your website.

2.    Think and write like a search engine

While you must be having an idea that it varies greatly by the websites. Because it has been noticed that on an average the search engines drive around sixty-four percent of the entire web traffic. In other words, it can be said that you must make use of the search engine optimization so that search engines do not get it difficult to find your content.

3.    Complement text with the multimedia

Once you have become an expert in creating quality content, then the only thing that you will have to do is think about some new ways of telling a story. Probably, one thing that you can do is supplement the text with the visual content that is the graphics, photo, even the video.

As per the research, it has been found out that the publishers who make use of the infographics have found that their traffic has grown twelve faster than the one who doesn’t. Moreover, it has also been found that around sixty percent of the site visitors watch a video before they start reading out any sort of text.

4.     Promote on social platforms

On an average around thirty percent of the referrals, traffics comes directly from the social media sites. If you want to know how to increase blog traffic WordPress then you must make use of the plugins that have social media buttons and the same could be done on your blog.

Henceforth, you can promote every post on your social media platform that is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn easily. Moreover, if you have a good number of video, graphics, and video then it’s better to include them either on Pinterest or Instagram.

5.    Connect with other bloggers

You will have to research extensively and then identify some other reputed bloggers who write on a similar niche. Apart from all this, you can also ask them to include their site in your blogroll and also find that whether they will include your blog on their website or not. This will help to establish your credibility as an expert and at the same time expand your readership.

6.    Invite guest bloggers to contribute to your blog 

As soon as you find other bloggers who are experts and leader in your niche, then just consider reaching to notice that whether one or more than that would like to write a guest post for your own blog. The main advantage of this is that each and every writer comes with their own readership base.

7.    Guest blog on other websites

Well, like there are two faces of every coin in that similar fashion writing for other similar website is also good. The reason behind it is that many blogs and the professional media outlets are very much hungry for the contents that are from the external authors. All that they need is a unique perspective on that particular issue.

8.    Listen to your analytic

You must be thinking that how to increase blog traffic for free. The simple answer to this is using the tool such as  Google Analytics or the site’s built-in statistics, this will help you to track traffic to your content. You will have to produce content that matches their structure, style, and focus. This all will help to drive traffic to the new blog.

9.    Ask others to promote your content 

You can boost blog traffic just by asking your followers to share it on their social media platform that is Facebook, Twitter, others. Just by sharing your content on social media you will be able to engage more and number of traffic to your website. If you want then you can also use the blog promotion services.

10.    Invest time, which means publish regularly

As per a study it has been seen that there exists a direct correlation between the traffic that your blog receives and how often you update your blog. It is sure that most of them don’t find enough time to write a blog post per day. But if you want to know how do I get more readers for my blog. Then this could simply be done by posting your blog at least once a week.

11.    Cross-Promote in other marketing materials

If you want to know how to get traffic to my blog for free then you will have to think about the various forms of the communications that either you or your business engages in.

Just think of the fact that on an everyday basis you might be reaching around hundreds or even say thousands of people either through the email, printed marketing material or social media. If you could include your blog link in that then it could increase your potential readership.

12.    Create a Newsletter and RSS feed

It has been noticed that many people still prefer to receive content in the form of the digest. It would be better if you can set up an RSS feed so that subscribers will receive notification each and every time you publish some new material.

13.    Solicit feedback and engage with the commenters

Every reader like to ask the question, provide feedback and share their thoughts. In other words, it can be said that they like to get back a response. Boosting interactivity with the readers is a sure way to ensure that they will come back for something more.

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