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11 Things You Should Do Before You Publish Any Blog Post

11 Things You Should Do Before You Publish Any Blog Post

11 Things You Should Do Before You Publish Any Blog Post

It might appear that writing a post is an easier task as all you need to do is to write a blog but one thing which you need to keep in your mind is that it won’t take you to a place which would fetch you a good name or fame either

It is generally seen that the super bloggers who engage themselves with the work in a professional manner takes care of the number of things or rather has a proper Checklist of Things to Do Before You Publish a Blog Post in order to ensure that it receives success.

Whoever might the person be, engaged with the work of blogging the first of all ensures that the subject must catch an eye of the different readers and so he begins his work by writing something by putting his legs on the shoes of the readers.

You might have left with a common question in your mind, that is it beneficial or rather is it important to do? Well, the answer would be a common yes as it is very much important to write a subject matter which would prove to be appealing to the mass in order to get a good market.

You as a writer might have written a number of articles but what would be the use or the accomplishment if it would not be able to reach the public in good number. Hence, before doing any activity you must ensure of the 11 Things to Do Before You Hit ‘Publish.

1. Firstly, you need to write an outline of the content which you want to convey via your blog. It ensures that all the main points which you would want to convey are brought to them with the use of proper correct words.

It even ensures that one is not left with any crucial points and all the essential matter is being covered.

2. Secondly, you need to write the actual post which you would want to post ensuring that the quality is maintained.

This could be regarded as one of the essential parts of the blog to be posted. One should make sure they use of outline points should be made in such a manner that it would help in conveying the real content that you want to.

3. You need to target a specific word which could be considered as the keyword which makes it quite easier to search and look for your blog from the crowd of similar published blogs.

4. Linking it to the other posts is considered to be very important. It would really prove to be a beneficial one if you intend to have a good ranking form Google.

All you need to do is to tell that the main content of your blog is. Linking to the other similar posts of yours would even help in gathering a good mass response just by the use of the targeted keywords.

5. Adding an attractive title to the content which you would publish even prove to be very fruitful. You should even double-check the headline which you intend to publish for your blog in order to make sure it catches an eye of every reader.

They are even tools that are made available which analysis all these relevant factors at almost no cost.

6. The blogs need to be made concise as reading long blogs seems to be monotonous and is even found not to attract the interest of the viewers.

The use of words which makes no sense should not be used in an unnecessary manner which conveys almost no meanings to others. Every single paragraph should be kept short and meaningful.

7. One should even create an attached horizontal image to the content which makes it comparatively more shareable on Twitter and Facebook.

Once the use of the template is being made, it has been seen that it tends to grab the market in a speed force. It has even been noticed that the tweets accompanied by some enticing image gather more market. Moreover, it has been found that the payoff, in the long run, is huge.

8. Accompanying a vertical image with the post even creates a good impression. The only thing required is the inclusion of the pins. It too helps in creating a good market for the user.

9. Adding the tweet blurbs or other calling to action even helps a lot. Depending upon the niches and the audiences interaction level with the content written is considered as an essential element while the addition of tweet boxes is being made.

You will find it quite amazing that adding a call to action for every post conclusion at the end even helps in engaging the reader to further subscribe.

10.  It should be made sure that the entire matter of the blogs should not be displayed on the homepage itself. We all are well acquainted with the fact that the readers should be given only a display look of multiple articles in a look whenever they provide an eye to the display post.

Therefore, writing an excerpt using some of the best plugins proves to be very beneficial.

11. For almost every post one should make sure that the use of content upgrades is being made. It helps in building up the list.

It is regarded as one of the brilliant procedure to make your content different from the common lot as all the people are not even quite acquainted with the content up-gradation facility even.

The use of headlines even matters a lot. When it comes to writing it has been said that regular writings lead to perfection in the work.

We all are well acquainted with the fact that the objective of writing any blog is to generate a maximum number of like. However, one even needs to take care of some 11 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Publishing Any New Blog Post which is made available to the public or could be easily read from the various articles.

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